ALTAR Garland

A very exquisite Canopy type altar with fresh flower garlands. The garlands are a mix of Orchids and white Roses Click on the picture to see a larger version. For more details please see below.


ALTAR Garland

 Florist Bali

This Canopy type altar is of rectangular shape with white draping. Decorated with garlands made of orchids, roses and greens.  The colors are a mix of maroon, white and green. Other colors combinations are available upon request.

Included in this set up are:

–          Cubical Altar structure (2.5 x 2.5) mtr with white draping

–          Garlands made of orchids, roses and greens

–          Altar signing table

–          Altar signing table center piece made of orchids , roses and greens

–          fresh flower petals for flower shower

OPTIONAL: Chairs, dinner table center pieces.

provided by Bali’s flower & decor experts: BALI FLORIST INTERNATIONAL