Altar ORCHID Mix

A very elegant Canopy type altar with Orchids, Roses and Gerbera flowers. Click on the pictures to see a larger version. For more details please see below.




This Canopy type altar is of rectangular shape with white draping. Decorated with Orchids, Roses and Gerbera flowers. The colors are a mix of white, peach and pink. Other colors are available upon request.

Included in this set up are:

–          Cubical Altar structure (2.5 x 2.5) mtr with white draping

–          Four rim flower balls

–          fresh Flower fringe (flower petals on the floor)  for the isle

–          Altar signing table

–          Altar signing table center piece flower ball

–          fresh flower petals for flower shower

OPTIONAL: Chairs, dinner table center pieces.

Provided by Bali’s flower & decor experts: BALI FLORIST INTERNATIONAL