The Amanda chapel is Bali’s most affordable wedding chapel. With its strong triangular shape and all-white color it is the ideal choice for those on a budget. The chapel is very conveniently located and can be reached easily from Bali’s main tourist area Kuta & Nusa Dua.


Bali’s Amanda wedding chapel is a very popular with couples who have a tight budget. With its beautiful all-white, tall architecture reflected in a deep blue pool Amanda wedding chapel has become a very popular venue for Bali weddings. Due to its small size weddings there have a very intimate and romantic feeling. The Amanda chapel can accommodate easily up to 20 guest but is also perfectly suited for eloping weddings. A large preparation room is available at Amanda chapel for the bride and the groom to get ready. Another room is available for guests to gather before the ceremony.

This highly affordable Bali wedding chapel is conveniently located in Kuta and easily accessible from Bali’s main tourist area. From Amanda chapel you can quickly reach some of the popular photo locations in Bali. Amanda chapel weddings are available from early morning until late afternoon.
You may choose to have 2 flower girls to accompany the bride when she walks into Amanda chapel and for photographs afterwards. Several décor & flower options are also available from us to decorate the chapel in your desired style.

Our Amanda chapel package is very convenient as it allows you to choose your kind of ceremony and you can book your own photographer, videographer, makeup & hair stylist and other services you may require.
Whether you want a full legal wedding or only a commitment ceremony we can help you to create a wonderful wedding experience at Amanda chapel. All this at a highly affordable price with highly individualized service, which can be tailored to fit your needs. Please send us an email to get more details about a wedding at Amanda chapel.