ARCH Frangipani & Green

A popular Arch type altar with Frangipani flowers , Gerbera flowers and lots of green. Also included are four flower towers. Click on the picture to see a larger version. For more details please see below.


ARCH Frangipani & Green

Florist Arch

This is Arch type altar. Decorated with Frangipani and Gerbera daisy flowers. The colors are a mix yellow and white with draping on the lower part of the arch. Other colors and color combinations  are available upon request.

Included in this set up are:

–          Arch shape Altar structure

–          Four standing flower towers for the isle with white draping and flower crown

–          fresh Frangipani flowers on the ground of the isle

–          Altar signing table

–          Altar signing table center piece

–           fresh flower petals for flower shower

OPTIONAL: Chairs, dinner table center pieces.

Provided by Bali’s flower & decor experts from: B A L I    F L O R I S T   I N T E R N A T I O N A L