AYANA Tresna Chapel

The Tresna Chapel ranks as Bali’s most romantic wedding chapel. Part of the famous AYANA resort, this chapel has been an all time favorite for couples from across the world. A wedding at Tresna Chapel is an unforgettable experience and probably the perfect indulgence for your big day in Bali.


The AYANA Tresna Chapel, which is part of Bali’s legendary AYANA resort, has become very popular among couples from all over the world. This is hardly surprising considering the lovely architecture and the sacral feel of this magnificent glass chapel. The chapel is located high up on a cliff overlooking the Bali sea. The AYANA Tresna rather small size creates a sense of intimacy, which makes weddings at this venue very special. The entire chapel is set atop of a black tiled pool which provides for a nice contrast with the Tresna Chapel’s pre dominantly white colors.

Part of the AYANA Tresna Chapel complex is a dedicated villa where the couple will get ready. Part of this villa is a luxuriously appointed waiting lounge for guest. From that  villa leading down towards the chapel is a marvelous stair set amid beautiful tropical plants. It is one of the visual highlights of a AYANA Tresna chapel wedding when the bride’s maids and the bride comes down walking gracefully towards the chapel.

The chapel’s large back is entirely made of green tinted glass which provides for magnificent light inside. Combines this with all the amenities available from the AYANA resort and what you get is the perfect wedding venue.

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If you would like to know more about a wedding at the Tresna Chapel at AYANA resort please send us an email and we would be glad to assist you realizing your dream wedding at Tresna chapel.