Balinese Ceremony

Your deep commitment for each other affirmed by a genuine Balinese blessing ceremony. A deeply spiritual experience – ideal for those who want to immerse in ancient Balinese traditions. You will receive the blessing of Balinese deities evoked by a Balinese priest. Holy water, rice grains, incents and genuine Balinese offerings make this wedding ceremony an unforgettable and culturally rich event.


This ceremony is a very spiritual experience, rich in age-old traditions and Balinese culture. Over the course of half an hour a Balinese priest with 2 assistants will perform a set of Balinese wedding rites blessing your union with age old Balinese traditions. It will start by the priest saying prayers on your behalf seeking health, happiness and other blessings for your life as a couple.
He will then proceed by cleansing and purifying your body and your spirit using holy water which will be dabbed on your hands and feet.
To symbolize the strengthening of your bond as a couple a read thread will be tied between bride and groom. You will then be guided to perform a short ritual in honor of your ancestors seeking their blessings also for your union as a couple.
This will be followed by further prayers, cleansing and purifying rituals and by a variety of prayers performed by the priest and the couple. You will make also floral offerings to various deities seeking their blessings. The priest will place holy flowers on your head as the final blessing for a happy and long-lasting relationship.
The ceremony will last between 25 and 35 minutes. Balinese bamboo music will be played opening the ceremony and closing the ceremony.