Blessing Ceremony

Our Blessing ceremony packages is ideal for couples who only want a wedding ceremony performed by not just a celebrant but a real Priest. This package is independent of any particular venue. You choose the venue and we provide the ceremony with a priest from the Protestant church of Bali. The right way for D-I-Y brides.


Couples who choose to do the legal part of their wedding back in their home country will find our Blessing ceremony package ideal. Your wedding rites will be performed by a real priest and you will be given a certificate by the Protestant Church of Bali.

You may choose any venue in Bali. So, whether you want to get married on a beach, in a chapel or in a private villa we will provide you a priest who will perform your wedding rites. You can choose from several liturgies available or submit your own liturgy. Our wedding consultant will bring the priest to your wedding venue and will coordinate the ceremony for you.

You may also optionally choose to have a pre-wedding ceremony meeting on one of the days before your wedding whereby all the details of the ceremony will be discussed and rehearsed with you.

A typical blessing ceremony will last between 10 and 15 minutes during which your priest will perform a Christian wedding ceremony for you.

We will dispatch one of our English speaking wedding coordinators who shall arrive latest 30 minutes before the ceremony. She will guide the couple during the ceremony and ensure smooth proceedings of your Blessing ceremony.

Our blessing ceremony is perfect for couples who prefer to have their legal wedding and all the paperwork done in their own home country. This will free you from the time and hassle that comes when you want to get legally married in Bali. Our blessing ceremony is the same as the ceremony performed during a legal wedding. The only difference is that your wedding will not be officiated by Indonesia’s Civil registry and is thus not a legally binding.

If you prefer  to have a full legal wedding, recognized also in your home country then our FULL-LEGAL WEDDING package is better suited for you.

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If you have any questions please let us know.