Blue Moon Chapel

Blue Moon Chapel - an affordable, stylish chapel wedding. This marvelous glass roofed chapel on top of a hill overlooking Nusa Dua is an ideal choice for those wanting a chapel wedding without breaking the bank.


The Blue Moon chapel is located on Nusa Dua hill and from there you can see the ocean  in Nusa Dua bay area. The Blue Moon chapel’s unique architecture features a glass roof which makes this venue very well lit and creates a very sacral atmosphere. The chapel is spacious and can easily hold weddings up to 50 guests. Adjacent to the Blue Moon chapel’s building is another building with nicely appointed preparation rooms for the bride and the groom. There is also a spacious waiting lounge for your guests.

The chapel is built on top of a deep blue colored water pool, which ads a nice contrast to the all-white façade of this marvelous building. The chapel has tainted glass on all four sides and a light, marble floor which creates a very regal atmosphere.  Therefore this chapel can accommodate weddings from early morning until sunset.  Several time slots are available.

Several décor options are available to suite your taste. The chapel is part of a large resort, which provides for nice photo opportunities throughout the resort. The Blue Moon chapel can be reached within less than 30 minutes from the Nusa Dua hotel complex and is also no more than 45 minutes from Kuta’s popular tourist spots. That makes this chapel ideally suited for those who want to forgo the usually expensive reception dinner options at resorts. You can choose one of the many restaurant options in Nusa  Dua.

The Blue Moon chapel is a relative bargain among Bali’s many wedding chapels. And we would be glad to assist you in arranging your wedding at Blue Moon Chapel Bali. Whether you need from us only a booking for the chapel or other services such as wedding photography, makeup & hair styling, etc… we can offer you a highly competitive service for your wedding at Blue Moon chapel.  If you are interested please send us an email or make an inquiry via our Contact Us section.