The ultimate in style: a wedding at Bali’s high-end luxury resort Bvlgari. With a stunning view on the ocean at wedding at the Bali Bvlgari resort will be an unforgettable experience, not only for you but also your guests.


Rated as one of Bali’s most luxurious resorts the Bvlgari is the ultimate indulgence in style and luxury. Bvlgari’s wedding deck offer probably Bali’s most spectacular view and a regal backdrop for your nuptials in Bali. Walking on a thick carpet of flowers you will reach the altar upon an infinity pool that seems to merge with the horizon. Located high up on a cliff ensures there is always a gentle breeze providing natural cooling.
While many other hotel weddings lack privacy a Bvlgari wedding is totally private because the venue will be cordoned off for other hotel guests during your ceremony. You will have the choice of several décor options but you may not need much décor because it is hardly possible to make this spectacular venue more beautiful than it already is. Minimalism at its best. Guests can comfortable witness the proceedings from a shaded area. A wedding a Bali’s Bvlgari resort is an exquisite way for couples to say yes to each other.
You will get ready in your own spacious and stylishly appointed villa. All Bvlgari weddings come inclusive of at least two nights at the resort.
The hotel offers countless photo opportunities within it’s compounds – you can get all of Bali’s beauty and more without ever having to leave the Bvlgari resort. The hotel also offers several stylish venues for your dinner.
Let us also appoint for you Bvlgari wedding Bali’s best vendors for such critical services as makeup & hair and photography. May patrons also choose to complement their wedding ceremony with also a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony close to a temple inside the Bvlgari hotel.
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