Classic Altar

A very elegant and hugely popular altar cubicle. Decorated with white and pink roses. Please click on the picture to see a larger version. For more details please see below.


Classic Altar

Florist in Bali

This Canopy type altar is of rectangular shape with white cloths ceiling. The pillars are decorated with winding twigs and leaves. On the two front upper corners are flower structures consisting of white and pink roses and local flowers and greens.

Included in this setup are:

–          Cubical Altar structure cloths ceiling

–          2 Flower crowns with whites and pink roses and other flowers

–          Altar signing table

–          Altar signing table center piece

–          fresh flower petals for floor of the isle

–          pink fresh flower petals for flower shower

OPTIONAL: Chairs, dinner table center pieces.

provided by Bali’s flower & decor experts: BALI FLORIST INTERNATIONAL