Commitment ceremony

Ideal for couples who want a Bali wedding ceremony only. You can choose your own venue and all other vendors yourself. A perfect solution D-I-Y for brides who want to organize their own Bali wedding. This ceremony can be for any religion and is even suited for atheists or rainbow weddings.


Nowadays more and more international couples like to be very hands-on when planning and organizing their wedding in Bali. They often don’t want a Bali wedding planner or an expensive, all-inclusive package. With our Commitment ceremony package you can choose your own venue, your own décor and other services such as your photographer, your stylist, etc…

We will send a priest to your wedding venue who will perform a 10-15 minute long ceremony. You will receive a memorable certificate of your pledge towards each other. Our wedding consultant will coordinate all the details of your ceremony and will guide you through the commitment ceremony. We optionally offer a pre-wedding meeting where we can discuss all the details of your commitment ceremony. During that meeting you can also have a rehearsal of your ceremony.

Couples can choose from a variety of liturgies. Liturgies can be religious or non religious.

A typical Bali commitment ceremony will last for 10 – 15 minutes. And you don’t need to worry about what to do and what to say. We will take care of this.

Our friendly and experienced wedding consultant will be on site 30 minutes before the ceremony commences, tell the groom when to proceed to the altar, when the guest are to be seated and tell the bride when she is ready for her procession.

Many couples prefer to do their legal wedding back in their home countries. This can often save you time and hassle in Bali. Also for some nationalities the paperwork for getting legally married in Bali can be difficult. In such cases a Bali commitment ceremony is perfect. Such a commitment ceremony is almost identical to a legal wedding. The only difference is that your wedding will not be attended by Indonesia’s civil registry and your wedding in Bali is not legally binding.

One major advantage of a commitment ceremony is that there are no regulations as to which religion the groom and the bride need to be. In fact we also have ceremonies for atheists and for rainbow weddings. You can even bring your own wedding liturgy and/or let us know how you want your ceremony to be.

Please note that this commitment ceremony is not a legally binding wedding ceremony. If you want to have a full legal wedding that is recognized in your home country we also have a package for that. Please check out: Full-legal wedding package.

Those wanting to know more about the details of a legal wedding in Bali should read the following article: How to become legally married in Bali.