Flower Bouquets Frangipani

the most popular in Bali for any festive occasion including weddings


Frangipani Flower Bouquets 

Frangipani flowers are used in all aspects of Balinese religious life.  The coloration ranges from white yellow, pink – yellow and some more. The Frangipani flower has also a very pleasant scent, used by Balinese people to make perfumes and scent oils. All this combined have made Frangipani flowers also very popular as flower bouquets for international weddings in Bali.

In the following please find the Frangipani flower bouquets which we offer at the moment. However if the flower bouquet which you desire is not among the ones below please feel free to send us a picture and we will try to create a custom made flower bouquet for you.

Also if you need more Frangipani flower bouquets for your bride’s maids or other persons please let us know as special discounts apply.


Frangipani Ball / F-007:  $45

Frangipani Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Ball F-007


Frangipani  Green / F-005:  $45

Frangipani Green Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Green F-005


Frangipani Mix Ball / F-009:  $50

Frangipani Mix Ball Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Mix Ball-F-009


Frangipani Mix Bunt / F-004:  $55

Red Frangipani,Cendana frangipani with white dendrodium orchid and Sri grading leaves

Frangipani Mix Bunt Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Mix Bunt F-004

Frangipani Mix Pink Yellow / F-001:  $70

Frangipani Mix Pink Yellow Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Mix Pink Yellow-F-001


Frangipani Red-Yellow / F-003:  $45

Frangipani Red-Yellow Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Red-Yellow F-003


Frangipani Rose Mix Orange F-008:  $85

Frangipani Rose Mix Orange Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Rose Mix Orange F-008


Frangipani Star / F-006:  $40

Frangipani Star Flower Bouquet

Frangipani Star F-006