Flower Tower with Umbrellas

A very elegant minimalist Altar decor with Balinese umbrellas and large vases with Gerbera flowers and tall grass / reeds.


Flower Tower & Balinese Umbrellas

Flower decor

This is a rather minimalist, yet very elegant altar decor. Ideally suited for venues with strong visual impact. The decor consists of Balinese stacked umbrellas. Those can either be in white, red or yellow. The floral element of this decor consists of tow large vases with red Gerbera flowers high reed / grass. The Gerbera flowers can also be in white, red, yellow, pink or a mix of those colors.

Included in this set up are:

–          Two large stone vases with 2 flower wrath Gerbera flowers . large leaves and tall reed grass

–          Two Balinese Umbrellas (3 stacks) – white, red or yellow

–          Altar signing table

–          Altar signing table center piece

–          fresh Flowers for flower shower

OPTIONAL: Chairs, dinner table center pieces.

Flower decor

provided by Bali’s flower & decor experts: BALI FLORIST INTERNATIONAL