Kupu Kupu Barong Wedding

Kupu Kupu Barong offers probably the most spectacular view of any wedding venues in Ubud. Besides that Kupu Kupu Barong weddings have a genuine Balinese flair. All that at a very attractive price. One of our top sellers indeed.


A Kupu Kupu Barong wedding is a very unique experience with a strong Balinese flair. Therefore Kupu Kupu Barong weddings have become very popular with couples who choose Ubud as their wedding destination in Bali. And in spite of its grandeur Kupu Kup Barong weddings are still very much affordable. Its popularity is hardly surprising considering the spectacular view of Kupu Kupu Barong weddings. The altar is placed in the middle of an infinity pool overlooking the steep, scenic Sayan valley. The water of the pool, lush greenery and the wide open skies form a very minimalistic backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Not much decoration is required because this view is already so grandeur that its impossible to make it any better. A Kupu Kupu Barong wedding is very much a Balinese affair whereby Balinese flower girls and an Indonesian bamboo music ensemble are part of every wedding. A strong spirit of Balinese culture permeates every aspect of this romantic resort.

Although it is possible to have a Kupu Kupu Barong wedding without staying at the resort we recommend that you stay there as well for a night or two. Special discounts apply for couples having a Kupu Kupu Barong wedding. And we are happy to assist you with bookings for accommodation also.

You can have a very romantic candle light dinner at the same place where your ceremony was performed. Delicious Balinese cuisine awaits you there. On the hotel’s grounds there is also plenty of nice photo opportunities.

All this combined make a Kupu Kupu Barong wedding an unforgettable experience and the perfect venue for your wedding in Ubud – Bali. If you are interested in our Kupu Kupu Barong wedding packages please send us an email. Please let us also know what kind of wedding ceremony package you would like to have for your Kupu Kupu Barong wedding.