Muslim Wedding

Bali is also perfect for Muslim couples who want a destination wedding. Whether you want your wedding in a Villa or a resort or in Mosque – Bali has all the options for you. And best of all your Muslim wedding in Bali will also be recognized in your home country.


Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and therefore Bali is also perfectly suited for Muslim couples to have their destination wedding here. In fact to get legally married as Muslims in Bali is the easiest ceremony to arrange. Muslim couples do not need to involve the Indonesian Civil registry – their weddings are carried out by an officer from the Ministry of Religious affairs.

While Bali and Muslim destination weddings have not been very popular in the past there is an increasing trend among modern Muslim couples to enjoy their wedding day in Bali. And the options for your wedding day are not limited to getting married in a Mosque.  A Muslim wedding in Bali is not bound to a particular location. You can have your wedding at any chosen venue. Should it be a hotel / resort, a villa, on a beach or in a mosque – you have all the choices for your Muslim wedding in Bali.

Our team is experienced with Muslim weddings and we have arranged many Muslim weddings in the past. We will assist you with all the paperwork necessary and coordinate your Muslim wedding ceremony on the day.  Basically all that is required from you is a document that proves that you are indeed Muslims and those documents are easy to obtain back in your home country. A Muslim wedding carried out in Bali will be recognized in your home country. All this combined makes Muslim weddings in Bali relatively easy to arrange.

We are also very happy to accommodate your individual traditions into your Muslim wedding in Bali. For those very sensitive towards religious matters we can also help you to find HALAL catering options and Muslim photographer, videographers and even Muslim makeup artists.

If you want to know more about a Muslim wedding in Bali please send us an email and we will be glad to assist you.